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Windows can also crush. In fact it can happens to any kind of computers or windows. The only thing that needs to be remembered is the ability to quickly and painlessly recover from a disaster.

In this regard, we consider both system and data. So even if you have your pictures and backed up to an external media, you still would like your machine to be able to boot once more, without going through a long task of installing and configuring it all over again.
Unless you are simply going to reinstall Windows and all your programs, you'll need more than a basic understanding of how Windows runs to recover from a severe crash or system instability

Backups Essential!!

Be sure to keep up with a good Back up System of all your important data, before you decide to start windows recovery. Having your data and program settings backed up will give you more options, especially if you have to call upon a professional to restore your system. Although at Arax IT Support, Our technicians will recover data, before performing any Windows recovery, but make sure you obtain an every day base back-up system.

Bootable Recovery Disk

Each Windows version has some sort of a bootable recovery disk. It is important that you use the correct disk for your version of Windows.

Windows XP
Windows XP does not have a very remarkable built-in recovery mechanism. However, with the installation CD, you can still do a handful of useful things. Better yet, if you're using a live bootable Windows CD, then you can do a whole lot more! You might want to try Microsoft's recovery options:

• How to fix a computer that won't start.
• Microsoft Support "Fix it" Solutions.

Windows 7
Windows 7 has a specific system repair disc available from Microsoft as well as one available from NeoSmart:

Create a system repair disc for Windows 7.
• Download a Windows 7 Recovery Disc from NeoSmart.

Recovering Windows Vista

Microsoft provides system recovery instructions for Windows Vista and there is a Recovery Disc available from NeoSmart:
System recovery options in Windows Vista.
• Back up and restore: frequently asked questions from Microsoft.
• Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc from NeoSmart.

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