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Hard disk failure Repair Toronto

Hard disks are mechanical devices, they can wear out, even if you treat them vey well. Most of the Hard drive failures occur through predictable mechanical failure, and some of the hard disk errors are occurring through misuses like:

• Hard disk failure due to bumping your computer while it is running;
• Hard disk failure The electric motor which allows the platter to spin fails due to bad bearings or other components;
• Hard disk failure occurs when the filter isn't working properly and your air intake gets too clogged ;
• Hard disk failure due to extreme heat which causes the electronic circuit board to fail;
• Hard disk failure due to sudden power failure while the disk is writing.

How do you know if your hard drive is failed?

If you are experiencing any of following Hard Disk Errors, your Hard Disk is damaged.

• Your Hard Disk is Failed if you are hearing clicking or grinding noises while your hard disk is running;
• Your Hard Drive is failed if some of your files are disappeared from your computer;
• Your Hard Disk is Failed if your PC is locking up during the boot;
• Your Hard Disk is Failed if your personal computer freezes frequently, and your mouse or keyboard are frozen and have to reset your computer;
• Your Hard Drive is Failed if regular file processes like saving and opening slow down interminably, even if the file is really small;
• Your Hard Disk is Failed if the number of bad sectors are increased when you run your personal computer;
• Your Hard Drive is failed if your computer is unusually hot.

At Arax IT Support we help you to Repair your Personal Computer and proceed with the Data Recovery from your failed Hard Disk. If you are experiencing the data loss or missing files we can offer you our exclusive data recovery plans to save your important files, pictures and documents. We also offer On site computer services or In Home computer services and Repairs. To get a free quote please contact us at 416-271-7241 or for our Location in Toronto Click Here

What Should I do if I my Hard Drive is crushed?

If hard drive failure happened to your computer usually there is a solutions for it. You can recover your data from your Hard Drive. But unfortunately, recovering from a failed hard drive isn't as simple as some other computer issues that can be fixed with the help of Google and professional help is definitely recommended to performance Data Recovery for your computer.

Also in order to prevent data loss in the case of hard drive failure, Arax IT Support highly recommends to install a program that creates a disk back up quickly and easily. Use this backup system at least weekly or more often if you're a heavy or business computer user.


We can even we make that easier for you!! We can install a back up program that does this back up automatically for you every day and you don’t even need to be worried about your data any more!!