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Windows Installation / ReInstallation Toronto

At Arax IT Support we offer Windows Installations and Reinstallation as well as upgrades. Sometimes when your computer is slow overtime a clean installation would be really helpful.

Before installation process we will make sure that we:

1) Back up your files.
2) Write down your computer name.
3) Decide whether to install the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Windows.
4) Make sure the Windows version is compatible with your hardware.

We also offer Clean Installation for Windows 7, Windows Xp and etc. For the clean installation we will format your hard drive after getting a back up and make sure everything is in the same place after the installation. Please note with the fresh installation we cannot transfer all software or programs. Our specialist will advise you with more details.

You can also check the microsoft link here:

We also offer On site computer services or In Home computer services and Repairs. To get a free quote please contact us at 416-271-7241 or for our Toronto location Please Click Here