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Computer Overheating Problem Toronto

Usually Processors (CPUs) have built-in thermal protection. If the CPU gets too hot, the built-in thermal protection shuts down the computer. So you shouldn’t worry about the CPU but you need to fix this before it damages your Data or Windows.

Most computers have two fans:

1) Cools the power supply
2) Cools the processor

If you are experiencing the overheating or if one of the fans starts to make unusual whirring, clunking, clicking, or a musical sound or beep, the fan might be failing. If the fan is the problem, we will replace it for you.

How do I know if my computer is overheating ?

Unusual fan sounds
High temperature
Non-fan-based CPU overheating
Computer Constantly reboots or shut down
Blue screen

At Arax IT Support we will make sure that your computer is running cool and smoothly by doing the following:

1) Improving air exchange in the case by reorganizing the cables and hardware to maximize air circulation
2) Ensure that the fresh air from outside is oriented toward components with high temperatures such as CPU and graphics card.
3) Ensure that the air from the hot components is vented outside the case.
4) Removing the dust accumulated in the case
5) Equip your PC with an excellent Heat sink and the proper Fan
6) Applying fresh thermal paste to the CPU

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