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It is so common to insert these little passwords on computers and it is very easy to forget it. If the password prevents booting, you need to clear the CMOS. If the password only prevents changing the setup, it’s fairly easy to discover the password. Our technicians can remove the password for you in less than 30 minutes.

To remove the password, you'll normally need to short a jumper on the motherboard. Most motherboards label the correct jumper to make the job the easier. In most motherboards the jumper must be shorted when the computer is on.

However a small percentage of boards will be first, removing the jumper and turning the computer on. If that fails, then turn the computer on with the jumper in place. After all these, if you couldn’t find the jumper, or it doesn't exist, unplug the computer and find the internal battery and remove it.
Most computers will clear CMOS anywhere between 10 seconds and 24 hours without any power.
If none of this helps you, flooding the keyboard buffer will crash the password routine and allow the computer to boot. Simply wait for the password prompt, and then press ESC repeatedly.

This may require 50 to 100 presses, and may not work in all machines, but it’s worked before, and it’s worth a try.

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